I Used Trim and Tone For a Week and This is What Happened

I Used Trim and Tone For a Week and This is What Happened

When I first heard about EMS (electrical muscle stimulation), I was very intimidated by it. The thought of a device moving my muscles involuntarily freaked me out and so, I did some research on it.

Turns out that EMS is not new, many spas and fitness gyms provide this technology to people who want to get nice and toned quickly. Celebrities such as Kim Kardashian and Nikki Bella use EMS to get beach body ready when they need it. I found out that it's fairly safe, so long as you don't have anything preventing you from using a device that sends electrical impulses to your muscles. 

I found this Trim and Tone device through a friend and learned how it had EMS and red light therapy too, which was supposed to help you burn fat while it toned your muscles. I decided to give it a go. I measured myself on day one first:

I was give or take 31 inches

It was a very interesting and SUPER easy to use. I used it in the morning for 20 minutes as I got ready for work. I used the EMS portion every day, but the red light therapy 3 times during the week. I finally got to day 7 and decided to measure myself again and I couldn't believe the results it gave me already.


I nearly lost an inch with JUST the belt. I was pretty amazed at the results it gave me already. I will continue to use and update you with the results I get. I am so excited to see even more results! 

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