8 oz Saline Belt Spray for Trim and Tone Belt
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8 oz Saline Belt Spray for Trim and Tone Belt

Next-Level Application And Effectiveness

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Make The Most Out Of Every Session!

Introducing our Saline Spray– the essential companion to your red light Trim and Tone belt! Our saline spray is scientifically-formulated and specifically designed for use with our revolutionary Trim and Tone device.

Just a few spritzes of our 8-ounce bottle help improve conductivity and effectiveness. That means you’ll see even better results from your workouts.

At Trim and Tone, we believe that your body deserves the best. We pride ourselves on providing quality products that meet rigorous standards.

Safe and easy to use, with no artificial ingredients or harsh chemicals, you can trust our Saline Spray to provide that little bit of extra oomph to your red light sessions!

Never Waste A Workout!

Make the most out of your workouts with our Saline Spray, designed to maximize the effects of your belt!