5 Post-Workout Snack ideas

5 Post-Workout Snack ideas

When we workout it is important to refuel and get the proper nutrition to repair and strengthen our bodies! Snacks are a great way to do so especially if you are on the go and can't eat an entire meal. Here you will find some quick easy-to-make snacks that you can grab when you're running out of the door!


1. Cottage cheese with Fruit - Dairy can be an excellent way to get some protein in your body. It's super healthy and low in sugar. To up your carb intake, incorporate some fruit and you're ready to go!

2. Nut butter and fruit - Just like cottage cheese, nut butter is also a wonderful snack to include after your workout to get some of that protein that you need to repair those muscles! Not to mention it's delicious! Pair it with a banana or some apples for some carb energy.

3. Protein Shake - A shake is a super simple way to get everything you need for your recovery! Probably the quickest post-workout snack there is! A bonus is there are so many different flavours to choose from!

4. Greek Yogurt - Similarly to cottage cheese, greek yogurt is a popular way to get some dairy protein. Make sure to get the plain greek yogurt as some brands have lots of added sugars but go ahead and add some fruit or granola to add some healthy carbs!

5. Oatmeal - Oatmeal is a delicious and quick snack to include as a post-workout snack and it is very versatile!  Switch it up a bit and add some fruit, nut butter, or milk!


It is important for you to refuel your body so that you can get stronger and grow those muscles and not to mention the nutrition the rest of your body needs as well! Remember to listen to your body and be mindful of your portions!