Can Trim and Tone help to Build Muscle Quicker than just working out alone?

Can Trim and Tone help to Build Muscle Quicker than just working out alone?

With our busy work schedules and active social lives, we are constantly searching for new ways to make weight loss or maintaining fitness level less time consuming.  Of course, dieting and regular exercise are the keys to successful weight loss, there's nothing wrong with wanting that extra push to get you to your end goal more efficiently.  The latest science supports the use of electrical muscle stimulation (or EMS) as as supplement to diet and exercise. Here's how it works:

Electrical Muscle Stimulation for Weight Loss

The latest science supports the use of electrical muscle stimulation in addition to a healthy diet and moderate exercise. The EMS unit works best when applied after a workout, and is useful to continue the muscle contractions that were happening during your workout.  Theoretically the use of the EMS device would help you to burn additional calories at rest. In a recent study by the Journal of Physical Therapy, a group of young women received 30 minutes of high frequency electrical stimulation in the abdomen area 3 times a week for 6 weeks. After 18 sessions, the subjects had a decrease in waist circumference, subcutaneous fat mass, and body fat percentage. This led to the conclusion that using high-frequency currents through an EMS Unit "may be beneficial for reducing the levels of abdominal obesity in young women."

Other studies have backed this up as well as shown how electrical muscle stimulation is also great for pain relief and increasing blood circulation for better blood flow before activity. In regards to weight/fat loss though, there are three main ways to use an EMS Unit to speed up the process. 

1. Workout with EMS Unit

Working out with the Trim + Tone Belt allows you to more efficiently contract muscles than if you did the workout on its own.  When you are able to increase the intensity of the pulses, you will gain strength and make your workouts more challenging and increases the difficulty from the same workout! 

Stay tuned, workout videos coming soon to be used in conjunction with the Trim + Tone Belt.

2. Isometric Holds with EMS

Use a Trim and Tone Belt while holding a position in which one muscle group is contracted, examples of this type of exercises are wall sits, planks and lunge holds. The EMS Unit will increase the lactic acid build up, muscle shaking or a burning feeling are the way you know your Isometric workout is having the desired effect.  This will result in greater calorie burn in the short term and  more fat loss in the longer term. 

3. EMS Use at Rest

If you must be sedentary due to an injury or busy social or work calendar, the Trim and Tone Belt can still be beneficial.  While not as powerful as when combined with a workout, EMS alone will still stimulate muscles at rest and will continue to build muscle. 

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