How to Use Your Trim and Tone Belt

How to use the Trim and Tone Belt

Follow these steps to get started using your Trim and Tone Belt!

Step 1 – Charge the Battery

  • Push the ON/OFF button located on bottom of control device.
  • 8 lights = charged. If device needs charging only 1 light will illuminate.
  • Use included USB cord to charge device. Lights will flash while charging.
  • It will take up to 3 hours to fully charge the battery.
  • When all lights are illuminated, device is fully charged.
Trim and Tone Control Device Battery Indicator Lights

 Step 2 – Wrap Belt Around Treatment Area

  • Use a damp rag or cloth to slightly wet the silicone portion of the belt (non-fabric area).  DO NOT immerse in, or soak belt in water.
  • Wrap belt around your waist, thighs or desired treatment area, in direct contact with skin and secure. Do not use over clothing or other materials.
  • Use the included extension belt if required.
Dampen Silicon EMS Pads Wrap Trim and Tone Belt Around Treatment Area

Step 3 – Attach Control Device to Belt

  • Match the 4 magnetic buttons on the back of the control device to the 4 buttons on the belt.  
  • Match the 2 gold buttons to the 2 gold buttons on the belt.
  • Match the 2 silver buttons to the 2 silver buttons on the belt.
Match Magnets on Control Device to Magnets on Trim and Tone BeltAttach Control Device to Trim and Tone Belt

 Step 4 – Turn on Control Device

  • Press ON/OFF button.
  • Press TRIM button to turn on the Red Light Therapy.
Turn Trim and Tone Belt On / OffPush TRIM to turn on Red Light Therapy

Step 5 – Select Treatment Time

  • Treatment Time defaults to 20 minutes.
  • Press TIME button located on top of control device to increase by 10-minute increments up to 60 minutes.
  • Each green light indicates time selected.
    • The light closest to the TIME button = 10 minutes.
    • The light closest to the BUZZ button = 60 minutes.
    • The device will also beep once for 10 minutes, twice for 20 minutes, and so on.
Select Treatment Time

Step 6 – Increase / Decrease EMS Pulse Intensity

  • Press (+) to increase intensity up to level 20 (will beep twice when increased to highest and lowest level)
  • Press (-) to decrease intensity
  • There is a 2 minute "Warm Up" program with lower pulse frequency.

NOTE: During the warm up program the pulse frequency of the stimulation will be light, so be careful to not increase intensity too high during the warm up cycle as the stimulation will significantly increase after the warm up and may be too intense if intensity level is too high.

 Decrease Intensity LevelIncrease Intensity Level

Step 7 – Remove and Store

  • Control Device will automatically shut off when time is up (will beep twice when turning off)
  • Press and Hold the ON / OFF Button to end treatment at any time.
  • Remove Trim and Tone Belt, remove Control Device from Belt and store separately.

For best results, use your Trim and Tone Belt 20 minutes per treatment area, 2 to 3 times per week along with a healthy diet and exercise.

Download our Quick Start Guide here to have on hand for reference.