Lack of Exercise Can Make You More Tired

Lack of Exercise Can Make You More Tired

One of life's most common vicious circles is being tired because you don't work out regularly because you're too tired to work out regularly. That's right. It may seem daunting to wake up early from the comfort of your bed to get all sweaty or work out after spending a long day at work. But believe it or not, daily exercise can actually GIVE you more energy! 

Thankfully, the biggest issue when getting started is your mindset. Disciplining yourself and telling yourself no to putting your work out off is the ONLY roadblock! (though we may tend to lie to ourselves often with excuses.)

One of the reasons that daily exercise helps boost your energy is that it can help with your blood flow, allowing more oxygen to flow to your organs causing you to be more alert and energized. It can also help regulate hormones and metabolism, affecting your energy levels positively!

To make it easier to start, just start small! Start taking a daily walk, make an effort to move your body as much as possible at work, or do a fun physical activity like playing a sport or a gym class!

Start your journey today!