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The Ultimate At-Home Glow-Up

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Powerful Pain Relief When
You Need It Most

The INFRATens Electronic Pulse Stimulator is a unique TENS/EMS unit that combines 660 NM LED and 860 NM Infrared technology for powerful relief and advanced treatment.

With this device, you can quickly relieve sore and aching muscles due to exercise or everyday activities, as well as chronic, intractable, and arthritis pain.

Plus, the EMS feature helps to strengthen and tone with increased blood circulation for improved health and fitness.

The INFRATens is easy to use, with snap-on connectors for perfect electrode replacement!

Experience the most advanced electronic pulse stimulation technology available and regain your mobility with the INFRATens Electronic Pulse Stimulator!

Advanced Relief

From Pain And Discomfort!

Support a healthier you with the INFRATens unit for fast-acting relief when you need it most.

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