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Innergizer Massager

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An industry standard for professionals since 2002, the patented Innergizer Massager is an oscillating massager built to deliver 1100 - 4600 rpm massaging action to safely relax tight muscles and stimulate circulation. The orbital motion provides a gentler and deeper massage than “percussion” type massagers.  The Innergizer features adjustable intensity, controlled with the rotational dial. Lower speeds deliver a soothing massage while faster speeds are more invigorating.

The large 9" massage pad is anatomically designed to fit the contours of your body for effective all-over massage. Three sets of four attachments can be attached to the massage surface for additional options.   Rounded, deep Muscle and massage rings, all provide a different intensity of massage.  The Innergizer comes with a vibration-reduction handle for comfortable handling, you can use the Innergizer on its own or with the included attachments for deep tissue massage and circulating massage. There's even a reflexology foot pad attachment to relieve sore feet after a long day.

The Innergizer is used by many doctors, chiropractors, massage therapists, athletic trainers, and other medical professionals. Now, this revolutionary machine is available for you to use anytime you need relief. Built to CE Standards and CSA certified, the heavy-duty construction is engineered for years of service. The rechargeable battery provides an incredible 24 hours of use per charge and is quick to recharge with the included charging cable.

The Innergizer Massager can increase circulation in extremities and reduce the likelihood of blood clots forming.  Check with your doctor or medical professional before use.

Trim+Tone is a dual function body shaping belt combined with muscle toning. Studies have proven that red light therapy reduces the size of fat cells and Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) tones muscle at the same time.

  • Spa-style treatment belt.
  • Advanced design maximizes the effectiveness to 20-minute treatment sessions.
  • Target specific areas like. stomach, legs, arms.
  • Safe, easy to use, discreet & comfortable to wear.
  • Allows you to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Built in Red LED Lights breaks down fat cells.
  • Built in LED Lights at 660nm for body shaping and contouring.
  • The 660nm are used to penetrate fat cells at same time as muscles are being worked.
  • Built in EMS pads to tone muscles.
  • EMS PADS built in, reusable, non-sticky.
  • As powerful as professional equipment.
  • Recommended treatment: 20 minutes per day.
  • EMS with 20 intensity levels, 8 pulse modes.
  • Cordless and discrete.
  • Rechargeable battery operates 3 hours (approximately 12 sessions) on a full charge.
  • Charger plugs into an AC outlet.
  • Includes expansion belt for all body types.

For full details and operating instructions, please view the Trim and Tone Belt Operating Manuals here.