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The LED light of this mask penetrates deep into the skin, accelerating your active tissue's metabolism. Reduces spots, improves the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and relaxes the skin.


  • Make sure to fully charge mask before use.
  • Wash and pat dry your skin with a towel.
  • Take the LED color light skin mask and make sure the elastic strap is not too tight or too loose
  • To turn the mask on, press the touch mark with your finger for 3 seconds. To change the color of the LED light mask, simply press the touch mark to cycle through all the modes. 
  • It is NOT recommended to read, watch television, or use your smartphone and strain your eyes while using the LED light beauty mask.
  • Make sure the mask is evenly placed on your skin and leave on for 15-30 minutes at a time
  • Relax and enjoy!




With a wavelength of 630nm, also known as biological active light, this mode can improve cell activity, accelerate metabolism and promote collagen formation, lighten spots rejuvenate and lessen wrinkles and lines by increasing skin elasticity, improving skin condition, repairing damaged skin and shrink pores.


The wavelength of 470m can kill bacteria such as propionibacterium. Eliminate and inhibit inflammation. Best for acne.


A wavelength of 590nm, balances the proportion of the skin's water and oil secretion. Also can reduce puffiness in the face.


A wavelength of 590nm, improves the exchange of cell oxygen and replenishes energy to skin cells. This mode also promotes lymphatic detoxification.


This is a dual frequency of red and blue light. It combines the effects of these two kinds of light. Recommended for reducing acne marks.


This frequency of light can gradually enhance cell energy and promote metabolism.



  • Avoid direct eye contact with light. Do not stare at the light directly. It is recommended you close your eyes during use.
  • Do not use while bathing or in steam room. Getting the LED mask wet may cause it to stop working.
  • Do not leave mask in direct sunlight.
Do not use:
On children, if you are pregnant, nursing, have epilepsy, have thyroid issues, take thyroid medication, or have open wounds on the affected area. If irritation occurs, stop use immediately and contact your doctor.

Trim+Tone is a dual function body shaping belt combined with muscle toning. Studies have proven that red light therapy reduces the size of fat cells and Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) tones muscle at the same time.

  • Spa-style treatment belt.
  • Advanced design maximizes the effectiveness to 20-minute treatment sessions.
  • Target specific areas like. stomach, legs, arms.
  • Safe, easy to use, discreet & comfortable to wear.
  • Allows you to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Built in Red LED Lights breaks down fat cells.
  • Built in LED Lights at 660nm for body shaping and contouring.
  • The 660nm are used to penetrate fat cells at same time as muscles are being worked.
  • Built in EMS pads to tone muscles.
  • EMS PADS built in, reusable, non-sticky.
  • As powerful as professional equipment.
  • Recommended treatment: 20 minutes per day.
  • EMS with 20 intensity levels, 8 pulse modes.
  • Cordless and discrete.
  • Rechargeable battery operates 3 hours (approximately 12 sessions) on a full charge.
  • Charger plugs into an AC outlet.
  • Includes expansion belt for all body types.

For full details and operating instructions, please view the Trim and Tone Belt Operating Manuals here.

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Save Thousands of $$

$299 = 4 to 6 red light therapy treatments at the spa.

$299 = 1 Trim and Tone belt for unlimited treatments at home.

Med Spa Treatment at Home

Only in-home alternative to expensive laser, lipo-light and EMS treatments.

Easy to Use

No gels, creams, disposable pads, annoying cords, or massaging required. Just one belt that can be used while watching TV, cooking, working or exercising.

Dual Function

Trim and Tone is the ONLY home-use belt that uses safe red LED Lipo-Light therapy plus electronic stimulation to help break down fat cells and tone muscles.


Lipo-Light Therapy is a method of body contouring improvement without any scarring. The whole treatment is non-invasive, relaxing, pain free and soothing.


How to use Trim and Tone Belt
Step 1

Simply Stretch out the ends of the belt and place it comfortably on bare skin around the desired body area.

How to use Red Light Therapy EMS Belt
Step 2

Attach control device to the belt, then turn on the lipo-lights (TRIM), turn on the EMS (TONE) to your desired intensity.

How to use Red Light Therapy Belt
Step 3

Use for at least 20 minutes per treatment area, 2 to 3 times per week for best results.

The Only

Fat Reducing + Toning Belt

When diet and exercise alone are not enough, this belt is EXACTLY what you need! Get your own Trim+Tone Today!

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