Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Red Light Therapy and EMS Belt
Tone Muscles with Trim and Tone EMS Belt
Red Light Therapy Belt Ab Stimulator Belt
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Fat Burning and Muscle Toning Belt
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light
Trim and Tone

Trim and Tone Belt EMS Red Light

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The new, home-use, dual-purpose body contouring and muscle toning belt. The Trim and Tone Belt uses a combination of safe LED Red Light Therapy and Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) to help naturally burn fat cells and tone muscles. Similar to spa treatments, Trim and Tone is a natural and non-invasive way to contour your body and help reduce inches off the waist, hips, thighs, and upper legs. For best results, use 20 minutes, 2-3 times per week. Add it to your fitness routine to help achieve your fitness goals.

*Note: Please do not BEND your device in half at the silicone pads or roll the belt up, when storing. Doing so can cause the electronics in the belt to break. 

Trim+Tone is a dual function body shaping belt combined with muscle toning. Studies have proven that red light therapy reduces the size of fat cells and Electronic Muscle Stimulation (EMS) tones muscle at the same time.

  • Spa-style treatment belt.
  • Advanced design maximizes the effectiveness to 20-minute treatment sessions.
  • Target specific areas like. stomach, legs, arms.
  • Safe, easy to use, discreet & comfortable to wear.
  • Allows you to maintain an active lifestyle.
  • Built in Red LED Lights breaks down fat cells.
  • Built in LED Lights at 660nm for body shaping and contouring.
  • The 660nm are used to penetrate fat cells at same time as muscles are being worked.
  • Built in EMS pads to tone muscles.
  • EMS PADS built in, reusable, non-sticky.
  • As powerful as professional equipment.
  • Recommended treatment: 20 minutes per day.
  • EMS with 20 intensity levels, 8 pulse modes.
  • Cordless and discrete.
  • Rechargeable battery operates 3 hours (approximately 12 sessions) on a full charge.
  • Charger plugs into an AC outlet.
  • Includes expansion belt for all body types.

For full details and operating instructions, please view the Trim and Tone Belt Operating Manuals here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Jesse L.
Such a handy product!

I love my belt. It has helped me fit into my favorite dress just in time for an event!

Dr. J
Works great for low back pain

This belt has helped my severe low back pain, after 6 back surgeries, more than anything else I have tried. Doctors tell you to strengthen the core muscles if you have low back pain. But how do you do that without making the back pain worse? Medicine has failed the public with strong pain relievers (opiods) for back pain sufferers. I know, as I am a retired doctor. Using the belt every other day for 20 minutes on the abdominal muscles (Abs) and for 20 minutes on the gluteal muscles (butt muscles) has made a tremendous positive reduction in low back pain. I highly recommend you try this belt 40 minutes every other day. I know for some 40 minutes seems like a big commitment. We all want a quick fix. Honestly, it depends how much low back pain you have if 40 minutes every other day is worth it to you. This is the only device I could find on the market that uses both a proven red light therapy wave length of 640 nm plus a powerful EMS (Electrical Muscle Stimulation). These are also great for fat reduction. It is your choice which of the two modes to run or both at the same time. Also, no sticky gel patches for the EMS. A quick spray of salt water over the two EMS patches is all you do. Mine came with a little splay bottle. 2 pinches of salt and fill it up with water. I hope you have as good a result as I have. Yes, it takes a little practice and getting used to the device. Go slow at first. And by the way, customer service has been top notch.


Hurts when using

I am sorry to hear the belt hurts when you are using. EMS can be painful, please turn down the intensity if you are feeling pain. As you build up tolerance to the product, the higher intensity should become less uncomfortable.


I absolutely do not feel any vibration or tingling like it states as a matter of fact I want a refund and to send it back!! Very disappointed and dissatisfied!!

Did you contact our customer service department?

We want all our customers to be happy.

Amazing!!!! Hard to believe !!!

Been suffering from horrible neck pain for a year. I herniated my entire neck. On muscle relaxers and pain killers and still in pain. Used this ONCE with red light and tens and woke up for the first time in a year with ZERO neck pain. Zero neck pain. I am so encouraged to see I may actually be able to heal vs taking meds for the rest of my life.
I used the red light and clicked the tens unit 6 times.

Thanks for contacting us Athena, we are thrilled to hear this has helped with your herniated disks.

Step 1: Attach The Magnet By Matching The Colors Up.
Step 2: Spray The Belt For Best Results.
Step 3: Put On Your Trim and Tone.
Step 4: Press the button on the bottom of the controller to turn on the belt.  The lights on the controller will turn on.
Step 5: Click The Trim Button To Active The RED Light Therapy!
Step 6: Adjust To Your Desired Tone Setting (There's a 2 Min Warm Up Period).
Step 7: Enjoy Your Killer Ab Workout Recommend 20 Mins 3 Times A Week For Best Results!

** Trim and Tone is not suitable for those with open wounds, pacemakers, photo-sensitivity, epilepsy, cancer, kidney or liver problems, thyroid problems or women who are pregnant or nursing. **

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