Can EMS Really Help You Get Fit?

Can EMS Really Help You Get Fit?

EMS causes Type 1 (slow-twitch) & Type 2 (fast-twitch) muscle fibers to contract, and at different Hz levels, can provide a number of benefits to both performance and recovery. It sort of mimics your brain's ability to contract your body's muscles without excessively stressing your tendons and joints! (think of all the situps and crunches you won't have to do!!)

Electrical Muscle Stimulation, or EMS, can sound a bit intimidating, but in reality, it's just a new technology that has been around and has proven safe and effective for use! Although it's best to use EMS along with diet and some exercise, there are many studies that show that EMS use alone can help reduce your waist circumference and body fat percentage! 

Even if you don't feel like you need to lose weight, EMS gives you an edge when it comes to athletics and performance. One study on athletes concluded: :

“EMS offers a promising alternative to traditional strength training for enhancing the strength parameters and motor abilities in athletes.”

In conclusion, EMS can be very beneficial for weight loss and strengthening your abs. Get yours today!