Eat to Lean: 9 Tips to Lean Eating

Eat to Lean: 9 Tips to Lean Eating

Wouldn't it be great if the food you ate worked for you, not against you? An eating plan that isn't stressful, complicated, and boring? Well that is how it is supposed to be! Eating should be a source of fuel for our bodies and should still be enjoyable! When you eat lean, you eat smart, not complicated.

Keep reading for the BEST tips for lean eating that will make your fat loss journey a cinch while still being delicious and even more enjoyable than what you have previously done!:


1.Get Rid of Liquid Calories: This is probably the hardest step to take when getting into lean eating. Because drinking calories is the easiest way to intake them, it's safe to say that you can are probably easily adding inches to your body. This means cutting out sugary drinks such as lattes, soda, energy drinks, beer, etc. Replace these drinks with plenty of water and if you still need that caffeine kick, unsweetened tea is a good alternative! 

2. Avoid Processed Foods: If it comes in a package, it's off limits. Not only do processed foods contain ingredients that are extremely bad for your health, they tend to be very high in empty calories. Learning how to meal prep can be beneficial if you are accustomed to a grab and go type of meal for work or school.

3. Protein is Your Friend: Adding a healthy serving of protein to all of your meals (especially breakfast) will be the key to your weight loss journey here. It is very filling helping you stay full and keep your cravings at bay and fuels you in a way to build muscle instead of storing fat. This will keep your caloric intake down! Some examples of healthy protein are: chicken, fish, turkey, braised beef, eggs, or protein powder. 

4. Eat Good Carbs: Believe it or not, there is a difference between good and bad carbs. The best kinds of carbs are obviously green veggies, followed by non-green veggies, Fruit, whole grains. The Carbs you will have to avoid are starchy carbs such as white potatoes and rice, refined grains, and foods with added sugar. Pack your plate with those healthy nutrient dense carbs so you can lower your calorie intake and be more full!

5. Prioritize Your Veggies!: Yes, eating your veggies first during your meal is a great tip when it comes to eating lean and reducing your caloric intake. This is because eating nutrient filled veggies before the main dish will help fill you up with lower calories. Making this a habit will make it an effortless way to consume less calories during each meal!

6. Don't Push Yourself: To some it can become tempting to take restricting calories to the extreme. This is unhealthy and unsustainable. Restricting your caloric intake in an extreme way never works and can backfire. It can result in binge eating, undoing all the weight loss that you tried to achieve. The key is eating nutrient dense foods and a moderate amount of the right calories for your body type. Do not starve yourself. Listen to your body and if you are hungry eat a nutrient dense food or healthy protein packed snack! 

7. Listen to your Body: Going further into this subject, there are conflicting ideas and theories as to how often or when you should eat. Everyone is different and there is no one way of going about it. Some do intermittent fasting, others eat 3 meals a day and so on and so forth. Listen to your body and decide what is right for you. Just remember to eat whole foods and the right amount of calories!

8. Write it Down: The best way to stay on track and to know how to improve your diet is to know what you are eating. Get yourself a notebook and keep a food journal or download an food tracking app and track what you are eating along with the amount of calories the you consume over the course of the week.

9. Reward Yourself: Rewarding yourself is a great way to keep yourself consistent and also a great way to keep yourself from feeling restricted. While tracking your progress, make milestones. Once you reach a milestone, reward yourself with a small treat. It doesn't have to be food either. It could be a new outfit or accessory. Be creative and have fun! 


Eating lean is a great way to lose weight and reach your fitness goals. Try to incorporate your Trim and Tone belt to boost your weight loss so you can reach your milestones quicker! Learn more here: