Red Light Therapy and Anti-Aging, Does it Work?

Red Light Therapy and Anti-Aging, Does it Work?

With red light therapy(RLT) gaining traction in the health and beauty world, we often hear many wonderful benefits of what it can do. Here at Trim+Tone, we've shared our knowledge and have shown you that RLT can be used to burn fat, but have you heard that RLT can also improve the appearance of your skin and help aid in anti-aging? Does it truly work?

We have done the research and have found the answer! In short, yes. RLT can reduce the appearance of wrinkles and lines and can tighten your skin! Keep reading to learn more!

Have you ever heard of photobiomodulation? Photobiomodulation is a technique that utilizes low-level laser light to promote healing, such as RLT. What the infrared light does on a cellular level is get absorbed by the mitochondria causing it to get energized creating the energy molecule called ATP(adenosine triphosphate). What does this mean exactly and why is this important? Mitochondria is the powerhouse of the cell, when it is in its peak condition, the cells in your body are fueled much more efficiently and create a more smooth biological pathway for them.

As we age, our mitochondria get more dysfunctional in their ATP production causing an increase in a damaging by-product called reactive oxygen species (ROS). This makes it harder for our mitochondria to repair or avoid damage and is one of the reasons we age! By energizing our mitochondria with RLT we can help boost its ability to produce ATP leading to a reduction in aging signs.

When looking at studies: "one small study of 23 people looked at individuals getting red light therapy for 20 minutes three times a week. In that study, they actually showed some notable changes in wrinkles, fine lines, smoothness, and skin texture."

During a double-blind placebo study, the individuals who were exposed to the RLT showed significant improvement in the appearance of their skin in comparison to those who had no improvement with the placebo. What is more interesting is that the individuals who did show improvement were shown to not only increase their production of collagen but the formation of the cells of the collagen was very structured and organized within the skin. 

The best result of this discovery is that this type of therapy is non-invasive and not chemically loaded like most anti-aging therapies.

In conclusion, RLT is very promising when it comes to anti-aging and is a wonderful tool to use for it. Check out our very own Red Light Therapy Beauty Mask available for sale!: