This Is What Happened When I Used the Trim and Tone belt for 2 weeks.

This Is What Happened When I Used the Trim and Tone belt for 2 weeks.

When it comes to fitness accessories, it is very easy to be a skeptic. I was one of those people. So in order to understand the Trim and Tone belt more, I decided to go ahead and try it out myself. 

When I was introduced to the Trim and Tone, it was the first time I had ever heard of the technology, Electrical Muscle Stimulation or EMS. That being said, I was very intimidated by it! I had to remind myself though, that most new things do tend to be a little frightening, but it's not the actual product I was afraid of, it was the experience. Experiences that we've never encountered can naturally get you a little nervous. 

I also tend to do a lot of research on anything I have never heard of because of my skeptical mind. I had come to find that EMS is not new and it is provided by many spas and gyms for the benefits it provides! Some of those benefits include:

  • Helps tone muscles
  • Reduces Fat
  • Reduces cellulite
  • Improves circulation
  • Tightens and firms skin

 I started to get excited about it and when I started to use it, I came to find that the EMS was not that bad or as scary as I thought it would be. I had even heard some enjoy the feeling of it, and I did too. What I enjoy about the EMS was that you can actually feel it working on your abs, so I was even more excited on seeing the results that I did.

Looking at the red light therapy(RLT) portion of the belt, I already had heard of RLT and the many benefits of that as well, so that being said I was pretty stoked to try it out. Some of the benefits that I heard RLT provides are:

  • Shrinks Fat
  • Heals your muscles
  • Reduces inflammation
  • Reduces cellulite

Doing some more research on RLT, I had come to find that not only is it a desired treatment for beauty but has been gaining traction in gyms as well! I must say between the EMS and RLT, the RLT is my favourite part of the Trim and Tone belt, I use the RLT fairly often compared to the EMS because I can literally feel it burning the fat. not to mention I don't get as sore with the light therapy compared to when I don't use it at all, so I know that it has great healing properties!

I had always been active most of my life, but being a busy mom I never had obtained a flat stomach, I've always used control tops but now that I've been using the Trim and Tone belt, I feel better and more confident. I really believe in this product and it definitely works. I had only used it for two weeks and saw results already. I am once again excited to continue my fitness journey with my Trim and Tone belt!