Why Core Strength is so Important for Your Everyday Life

Why Core Strength is so Important for Your Everyday Life

We all heard about core exercise but many don't take the time to understand why our core is a vital area to make sure we strengthen. Your core is the central connection to the rest of your body, it connects and stabilizes the balance of your upper and lower body.

You may not realize it, but everyday movements are generated by or through your core, from something as simple as washing dishes or vacuuming to playing a sport, our core determines how much strength we have in everyday tasks! Having a weak core can take away from the energy it takes to do those same everyday tasks! 

So, what are some of the benefits of strengthening your core muscles? Well to start, your over-all performance improves immensely in athletics. A few other benefits you can obtain by strengthening your core are as follows:

  • Stability and balance - Strengthening your core will improve your stability and balance making things such as running, walking or any other task that requires balance a lot easier. It also minimizes any strain on your muscles and joints if you had a weak core!
  • Improves posture -Having good posture is desired in many cultures, but not many people understand the many benefits of having a good posture. Having good posture improves the way you breath, allowing you to take deeper breaths and in turn providing your all your organs such as your muscles allowing them to contract with ease. Having good posture also minimizes the stress and damage to the spine.
  • Reduces/eliminates back pain- As stated above, your core is the central part of your body that balances and helps support your upper and lower body, that includes your back and neck as well. Having a weak core can lead to your other muscles such as your back muscles to work harder leading to back strain and pain.
  • Improved athletic performance - As you may see, your core muscles help support and balance the rest of your body by supplying it more power and in turn providing more strength overall. That being said, with a strong core, your performance in any athletic sport will improve immensely. 

Some workouts you can do to improve and strengthen your core are 

  • Planks.
  • Leg lifts.
  • Reverse crunches.
  • Russian twists.
  • Bird-dog crunches.

Including yoga in your weekly workout regimen is a great way to strengthen your core! Don't forget to also include your Trim and Tone belt for 20 minutes 2 days out of the week! 

in conclusion having a strong core can be very beneficial in every day life, reducing back pain, helps performance, and greatly minimizes your chance of injury.